Distinctive features of Slovenia

14. 7. 2015

Distinctive features of Slovenia

Distinctive features of Slovenia: did you know?

Lipica Stud Farm has been breeding horses since 1580, and is famous for its aristocratic Lipizzaners known for their white coat and extraordinary ability to learn.

… due to the geographical and climatic variety and diversity of Slovenia you can experience everything in one day: pick autumn fruits in the morning, take a swim in the Adriatic Sea in the afternoon, and go skiing in the evening.

… Karst and its amazing sights of underground caves, sinkholes, and water sinks, attract people from all over the world.

potica is a traditional holiday cake and served as a Slovenian signature dish at various international political, cultural, and sports events.

… the most successful Slovenian music band of all time, the ensemble known as “Ansambel bratov Avsenik”, sold 31 million records, while Brata Avsenik are the most played European composers.

Herman Potočnik, a rocket engineer and pioneer of cosmonautics, set out a plan for a breakthrough into space and the establishment of a permanent human presence there in his book from 1928. Visit KSEVT Institute – Cultural Space Programme in Vitanje (near Zreče).

… the beautiful Triglav National Park, established in 1924, stretches over 83,807 ha around Triglav.

… Karst plateau yields the world-famous Teran wine. It is produced from grapevine of Istrian origin.

… Slovenia is a country of skiers. Almost every Slovenian loves to ski, So it comes as no surprise that many famous skiers come from Slovenia.

  • Alpine skiing: Tina Maze, Bojan Križaj, Boris Strel, Jure Franko, Jure Košir, Mateja Svet, Katja Koren, Urška Hrovat, and others.
  • Ski jumping: Peter Prevc, Primož Peterka, Franci Petek , and others.
  • Biathlon: Jakov Fak and Petra Majdič.
  • Freestyle skiing: Filip Flisar.
  • Snowboarding: Žan Košir and Rok Marguč.

… Slovenia has more than seven thousand kilometres of mountain hiking trails with 165 mountain huts and bivouacs?

… some scenes from the movie The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian were filmed in Soča river valley.

Historical events in Slovenia: did you know?

France Prešeren is considered as the greatest Slovenian poet. Prešeren was a master of the sonnet and his Zdravljica was declared the national anthem of Slovenia.

… the Old Pharmacy of Olimje is the oldest pharmacy in Slovenia and one of the most preserved monastery pharmacies in Europe.

… during the World War I, Slovenia was the stage of the Battles of the Isonzo. Numerous Slovenians battled for the Austro-Hungarian Empire against the Italians, and paid for it with their lives.

… the architectural appearance of the Slovenian capital city was decisively influenced by the famous Slovenian architect Jože Plečnik. His influence on the appearance of the city was so great that some people even call it Plečnik’s Ljubljana.

Slovenia in records: did you know?

… in Planica, ski jumpers and big hill ski jumpers broke more than 60 world records. Among other things, Planica saw the first two ski jumpers to jump over one hundred and two hundred metres.

… Slovenian Davo Karničar was the first to ski from the top of the world’s highest mountain, Mt. Everest. Karničar is also the first person in the world to ski from all the highest mountaintops on all seven continents.

… Slovenian ultra marathon swimmer, Martin Strel, was the first person to swim the Amazon River, Mississippi, and Jangcekiang.