14. 7. 2015


For many years cyclers have been regular guests at our hotel. Our location offers an excellent  starting point for mountain biking, and many say that this is their home away from home:

  • a locked garage for bicycles;
  • tools and space for urgent repairs;
  • bike repair shop only a couple of minutes away;
  • wash and dry your bike in our yard;
  • all information and maps of cycling routes for a safer trip;
  • guides to take you on organised cycling tours.

Skupina Immich MountainbikereisenS kolesom po Dravski kolesarski poti

Maps of cycling tours around Maribor and its surroundings:

Tourist destination Maribor – Pohorje is a paradise for cycling lovers.

You can choose among different cycling routes of various levels of complexity: plains and mountains routes, sports or family routes, city or the vineyard routes, etc.

You can take your bicycle:

  • along the Drava river,
  • along vineyards and Kozjak,
  • along forest routes of Pohorje hills,
  • over polygons and downhill slopes,
  • around the city of Maribor,
  • all the way to Pomurje, the Koroška region, or Austria.

You will be charmed by the attractive and diverse landscape, beautiful views, sights of nature and cultural heritage, and delicious food.

Culinary delights and wine in Maribor and its surroundings:



Start your trip in Zgornja Kungota and turn towards Svečina. From Svečina go up to Špičnik and cycle between orchards and vineyards. At the Leber-Vračko farm you can treat yourself to a glass of wine or look around their wine cellar. Continue along the main road in the direction of Jurij. You can stop at the Vračko inn and treat yourself to a light meal before returning to Zgornja Kungota.


Key points of interest along the trail:

Duration: 1.5 hours

Recommended time of visit: April–October

Difficulty: a moderately demanding cycling route, mainly on local asphalt roads and well-arranged macadam roads. In some parts, the route is a bit more difficult as it ascends. Due to its rugged terrain it is suitable for recreational cyclists.

Length of tour: 17.5 km




The route begins at the Maribor Tourist Information Centre, from where we set off through the city to the riverside Lent district and the Old Vine, the oldest vine in the world, where we also stop to visit the House of the Old Vine and have a wine tasting.

We then cross the river via the Studenci Footbridge and continue along the bank of the Drava to Malečnik, where we begin an up-and-down ride through Vodole and Ruperče. Then comes a descent towards Vukovje, past Pernica and its lake, to Jarenina and its manor house, where we stop to visit the Dveri-Pax wine cellars.

The return route passes through Gačnik to Pesnica and through Košaški Klanec along the Šentilj road back to the Maribor Tourist Information Centre.

Starting point: Maribor Tourist Information Centre

Difficulty: moderately demanding

Length of tour: 37 km




The starting-point of the trip is the fruit market in Pesnica. After a short ride by the main road in the direction of Maribor turn into the valley of Dobrenjska dolina. Using the road bridge towards Ranc cross the motorway, and after that the railway and the old road toward Šentilj.

After descending into Vajgen continue your way along the valley past orchards all the way to Jareninski dvor, where you turn left towards Šentilj. After a steep descent to Zgornji Jakobski dol you get to the last ascent on Hlapje, which is planted with vineyards. Among beautiful vineyards, vinedresser’s cottages and vineyard cottages there is a narrow road wending its way to Mulec chapel. Descend to the Vogrin windmill and continue past Johannes (a statue on the way) through Vukovska dolina along the milk road to Pernica. Soon you will pass the lake Perniško jezero and the orchards Cesaričini sadovnjaki on your left.

The last part of the trail runs down the peaceful valley of Gačniška dolina to the centre of Pesnica, where you started your trip over Slovenske gorice.

Key points of interest along the trail:

  • manor Jareninski dvor,
  • Mrzli studenec,
  • Vogrin museum – windmill,
  • Pernica lake,
  • Empresses orchard.

Difficulty: in some parts, the route is a bit more difficult as it ascends. Due to its rugged terrain it is suitable for recreational cyclists. The route is marked.

Length of tour: 42 km