14. 7. 2015


Sights of Slovenia (www.visitljubljana.com)

Slovenia is an exciting land of extreme diversity, Where the Alps mountain range meets Mediterranean, Pannonian area, and one of the most unique landscape in the world, Karst. Slovenia is known for its picturesque lakes, vast forests, and underground caves carved in Karst limestone by water over millions of years.

General facts about Slovenia: did you know?

… Slovenia is the third most forested country in Europe? Almost 60% of its land is covered by forests.

… 4,000 years ago, the landscape park Ljubljana Marshes was a lake with prehistoric pile dwellings? Due to the pristine nature it has been recognised as an important bird habitat.

… Slovenia is one of the most water-rich countries in Europe, with 27,000 km of water area.  Besides numerous thermal and mineral water sources, Slovenia is abundant with ground waters.

… the second largest city, Maribor, grows the oldest grapevine in the world. It is over 400 years old, yet its velvet black grapes still yield 25 litres of wine each year.